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When Pacino’s Hot, I’m Hot cover copy

When Pacino’s Hot, I’m Hot: A Miscellany of Stories & Commentary
The Drill Press LLC
ISBN: 978-0-9840961-1-4
Paperback/152 Pages/$15

From the cover copy:

“Gosh, he’s a bloody good writer! Verbose but hilarious. His stories present a mad, vulgar, dysfunctional world that the author flounders around in. Great entertainment.” — Harold Nawy

A compendium of fiction and non-fiction by a humorist sui generis: ironist, satirist, realist, burlesque comic—yes, all from the same author, this Robert Levin who gleefully fingers the absurdities of life with trenchant wit and daunting intelligence. His voices are many and varied and ultimately balanced: the cynicism of “Everything’s All Right In the Middle East” leavened by the belly laughs of “Peggie,” the raw sensibility of “Spinning the Wheel of the Quivering Meat Conception” lightened by the surprising sweetness of the title story. Scathing examinations of self-destructiveness give way to redemption (of sorts) in “Dog Days.” Finally, there is the sadder but wiser “Free Jazz,” illuminating the ’60s with piercing intellect and hardly a guffaw to be found. And so a writer, perfectly willing to offend if that’s what it takes to be funny and make his point, turns out to please in a myriad of ways. A collection to laugh with and wonder at.

“A writer from whom I always learn something.” – Nat Hentoff

“‘Peggie’ is the funniest and rudest thing I’ve read in years, and “Dog Days” is just extraordinary…original and disturbing.” – Tony Cook

“‘When Pacino’s Hot’ is the funniest story I’ve ever read.” – Cecil Taylor

“Levin may possibly be the master of the rant.” – Elizabeth Richardson on “Stupidity: Its Uses & Abuses”

“Heavy and brilliant.” – Douglas Rushkoff on “Everything’s All Right in the Middle East”

 “When Pacino’s Hot, I’m Hot”
“Peggie (or Sex With a Very Large Woman)”
“Dog Days”
“Spinning the Wheel of the Quivering Meat Conception”

 “The Author”
 “Stupidity: Its Uses & Abuses”
 “Recycle This!
 “Get Your Face Out of My Cigarette!”
“Redefining Insurance Fraud”
“No Stars for the Eclipse”
“Everything’s All Right in the Middle East”
“On Turning Sixty”
“Free Jazz: The Jazz Revolution of the ’60s”

When Pacino’s Hot, I’m Hot is available from and Barnes & Noble as a paperback and as a Kindle and a NOOK Book.

Writings & Miscellaneous

Books by Robert Levin

When Pacino’s Hot, I’m Hot
The Drill Press LLC

Against Mental Health: Short Stories


“A writer of talent and intelligence.” — Irving Louis Horowitz

“Distinguished quality…profound emotion.” —Dr. Karunesh Kumar Agrawal

“Some real gold in here.”—B.D. Charles


Music & Politics
by John Sinclair and Robert Levin
World Publishing

“Robert Levin’s articles…make up the second half of Music and Politics, and they’re something else again. He’s a quietly briliant writer (not flashy but subtly dazzling) who knows jazz extremely well and who knows how to let us know what he knows. His piece on Sunny Murray says more about the birth of the New Jazz than most writers could say in a volume; the Anthony Braxton interview is one of the freshest, most reassuring articles on the future of music (of the arts in general) that I’ve read; his ‘found critique’ of ‘Space’ by the MJQ, which contrasts Murray’s thoughts on music at the White House with President Nixon’s introduction of the MJQ in that very place, is brilliant; his piece on the unfortunate evolution of Willis Jackson…is a minor masterpiece; and he’s lucid and painful and thoroughly correct when he writes that ‘What is meant by ‘every man has his price’ is that every man has his uncertainty about the validity and sanity of his perception of the truth. To ‘sell out’ is to capitulate to that uncertainty.'”
—Colman Andrews, Creem

Giants of Black Music
Edited by Pauline Rivelli and Robert Levin, with a foreword by Nat Hentoff
Da Capo Press